About Us

   It's A Brave New World   

On 13 December 1577 Francis Drake set sail on a journey that would lead him to circumnavigate the World.

Over 440 years later in the year of our lord 2018, Helver Wines began a similar journey.  Its crew, on board their ship ‘Brave New World’ travelled the Southern Hemisphere for a voyage of discovery, with the purpose of finding wines that excite and challenge the senses.

Across the Atlantic ‘Brave New World’ arrived at Uruguay before moving onto Argentina, around the bottom of South America and up to Chile, then, rather than travel straight across the Pacific it sailed north to America, specifically California, before heading west to New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

Returning to the UK in May 2019, the crew travelled through vineyards of the South of England gathering together some superb home grown wine before arriving back at their base in the Surrey countryside.


During this expedition the Helver crew were amazed by the diversity of grapes, blends and styling they were introduced to, attention grabbing wines that deserve to be enjoyed and shared with friends and loved ones.

Unlike Drake this voyage did not include Slavery, Piracy or potatoes but yielded exquisite and exotic wines that Helver now trade around the UK and via www.helverwines.co.uk

Straying from the well-trodden path that many other merchants choose to take has led to alternative winemakers that want to break with the norm and ignore convention.  These wines are created with passion miles from the UK, supply can be limited, the advice of Helver is jump on board, cross our palm with silver and buy what you can before the ship sails away again…..