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Haven Shiraz - supporting Lion Sanctuary

ldlife conservation is something the Glen Carlou Winery are passionate about and they believe that it is all our responsibility to conserve this treasure for future generations.

Their 'Haven' Collection of wines, created to support the conservation and protection of one of South Africa’s most majestic animals – the lion.

Surveys estimate that fewer than 30,000 wild lions survive in Africa. That number is down from an estimated 200,000 lions a century ago.

It's a continuous decline and has lead to the extinction of wild lions in 26 African countries.

The Drakenstein Lion Park is one of the only sanctuaries in the Western Cape providing rescued lions with a safe space, free from abuse and persecution. All the animals brought to the Park are captive bred / hand reared and cannot be rehabilitated to the wild, but are given a chance to live out their natural lives in an enriched and protected environment.

The Drakenstein Lion Park borders several of Glen Carlou's vineyard blocks, the roars from the lions can often be heard from the visitor centre, making the park a very real part of the winery experience.

For every bottle of Haven sold, Glen Carlou donates a portion of the sale to the Park. These funds are crucial in enabling the park to continue their conservation work.

Sanctuaries like Drakenstein Lion Park are essential in educating and raising awareness, aligned with the need to conserve.

Glen Carlou are proud to associate with a with a park that does such admirable work in improving the quality of life for lions in captivity, both locally and internationally.

You can pledge your support by buying a case or two of Haven Shiraz. Great wine, great cause!

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