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Down The Rabbit Hole - Joy & Bliss Chardonnay


On the back of every bottle of Down The Rabbit Hole is a poem, each of the pencil sketched labels represents a different line of the poem.  Your experience begins before the bottle opens, and won't end until the last drop.  Happy and content, exhausted from all the eating, drinking, talking, laughing and dancing, lay back and reflect on a perfect day!


The line of the poem for this Chardonnay is "Another world of Joy & Bliss".   it represents more than just the journey, wherever it may lead.  It's what wine is, and what life should be.


This wine is invigorating, clean and fresh.  Honeydew melon and zesty lemon & lime tantalise the nose before your first sip leads you into crisp apple with just enough oak for a smooth and silky finish.


We are confident this is a crowd-pleaser, exactly what you want as the day slips into night, the sky turns pumpkin orange and a sharing plate of shellfish is on the table.  Bliss.

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    McLaren Vale

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