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A bottle of Field Recordings Wonderwall Pinot Noir

Field Recordings - Wonderwall


This bottle of Californian Pinot Noir, adorned with a picture of 'The Bennett Sisters'

Proclaimed as female boxers and wrestlers they were, in fact, a Vaudeville act, probably sharing the stage with strongmen, jugglers, trained animals and the like, but professional sportswomen, never the less.


Enough of the sketchy history, what's the wine like, I'll leave it to the words of the winemaker and his abstract impressions,


"This 2017 Pinot Noir is more than meets the eye. She’s the Bennett sister making moves: the lightweight champion of the new world. The secret to her strength?  She snacks on black cherries, figs and almond bark before every match.  After washing it down with a swig of cola, she walks onto the stage.  It’s a full crowd.  They’re cheering her name.  There’s a touch of smoke from the men filling the seats as she eyes the competitor across from her, and raises her fists. the fight is a blur; she knows only that she waltzed through her perfect choreography and came out victorious.  Exhausted, she settles into a warm tub, soaking her sore muscles, and treats herself to a cup of black tea, flavored with a hint of white pepper, clove, and cinnamon.  She closes her eyes, and knows tomorrow she will be even stronger."

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  • Country

    North America

  • Region

    Central Coast, California

  • Variety / Blend

    Pinot Noir

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    Yes / Yes