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From Sunday - Lucky's Syrah Pinot Noir

Syrah and Pinot Noir, can opposites attract?
One can be all about power, big-bodied, big fruit and big alcohol, the other is often lighter in body, softer and more elegant.
The 'From Sunday' magicians have conjured up their own blend of these great varietals, unleashing a wine that is all about vibrancy and freshness, all about strength and balance.  The Yin and the Yang.
An unusual combo of grapes but an old specialty of the Hunter Valley wine region.
A supple Shiraz, red plum, a little spice, and fine, silky tannins, complimented by the aromatics of wild strawberries, earthiness and fresh acidity from the Pinot Noir, it's wonderfully balanced.
A wine that wears its eccentricity like a badge of honour, shouting from the rooftop " I'm different, but proud to be so! "
Be different and try a glass of this wine with dark chocolate filled donuts, yep, you read that correctly, dark chocolate filled donuts.  Boom!
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  • Region

    Hunter Valley

  • Variety / Blend

    Syrah | Pinot Noir

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    Yes / Yes