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From Sunday - Palloncino


An Australian Prosecco.


Palloncino - Italian for a balloon.  This is a wine that can float you away in its soft bubbles, to a place of fun and laughter.
You're all too familiar with Prosecco, a sparkling wine made from the grape Glera (or Prosecco as it was)

You might not be aware that some Australian wineries have been growing this grape since about the year 2000 to create their own Prosecco.
It's not something Italian growers are particularly happy about and a battle on naming rights is ongoing.
Put this battle to the back of your mind and enjoy this fizz as intended.  Clean, crisp, bubbly, liquid refreshment.
'Pop' the bottle top (no not cork) on this wine, pour a large glass and relax, the world may well feel a happier place.
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    Murray Darling

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