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A picture of a bottle of Hugh Hamilton Black Ops

Hugh Hamilton - Black Ops

One cold Autumn night this wine parachuted in after dark, despite it's best efforts to keep hidden it was picked up on our radarBrought back to HQ, and under heavy interrogation, we're able to extract the following detail.
It arrived in the UK from Australia, via Georgia.  Part of a small batch, covert operation it's trained to display the characteristics below.
The Black Ops is a bazooka filled with fruit & spice.  Bulging with plums, anise, cloves and tyme.  Whilst it has a muscular mid-palate is not all about power and strength, there is a pretty-boy element, floral, subtle but with a killer instinctDon't ever let your guard down or you might be overwhelmed and bewitched by a seductive, well trained and highly sought-after character.
In its downtime you can see it at a table, in a dark corner, chowing down on hearty venison burgers.
Boom, it's showtime!
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    McLaren Vale

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    Shiraz | Saperavi

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    Yes / Yes