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A bottle of Hugh Hamilton - Lions and Tigers and Bears

Hugh Hamilton - Lions and Tigers and Bears

"Do you suppose we'll meet any Wild Animals"


A Merlot-Italianate blend from OZ, made by a wizard of the dark art of blending.


It's a blend that gives the experience of tasting a never-before-seen variety.  This blend can resemble other wines but it also remains, clearly and satisfyingly, only itself.


Open this bottle and you're met with a tornado of aromas, a squeeze of just-picked mint, a smidgen of clove, brushed leather, black cherry and rose.  Pour a glass, take a sip and you'll experience the hocus-pocus that has produced this wine, there's freshly picked raspberries, pink apples, and mature rhubarb, accompanied with a dash of mocha, cinnamon, spice and all things nice.  It's supple, textured, balanced and beautifully layered.


Merlot, really, it can't be?  Surely this is some kind of black magic.


"Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore..."
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    McLaren Vale

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    Merlot | Sangiovese | Nero D’Avola

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    Yes / Yes